Hello, we are YOONAYA.COM
The first photobook and calender of YOONAYA are about to press.
All the profit will be used for supporting YoonA.
Hoping we could give the best support to YoonA

photos of airport/local performances/overseas performances(inculding unpublished photos)
all color/B5 size/250P
weight: about 1.5kg

all color/26p
weight: about 0.5kg

※special gifts
mouse mat(YoonA ver)/cartoon dustproof plug(YoonA ver)/poster*1/card stick*4


photobook               all set
1PB=$35+EMS fee         1SET=$55+EMS fee
2PBS=$70+EMS fee        2SETS=$110+EMS fee  
3PBS=$105+EMS fee       3SETS=$165+EMS fee

For those who purchase all set can get speical YOONA ver of 8g USB flash disk with  fancams of YOONAYA
(including unpublished videos)

deposit date:2014.2.19-2014.3.15
delivery date:2014 late March

paypal (LUO XU 罗旭)

Please include surcharge if you purchase by Paypal ^^

After purchasing, please send email to 
confirm your Profile

For group order, please send email to

If you have any questions, please send email to or tweet us

About the postage you can have two options. EMSorSF-express
Details as shown in the figure 

                          EMS PRICE


                           SF-express Price